1. General

ADOS Spanish School is not responsible for loss of personal items or any personal injury during a course.

2. Age and number of students

​The minimum booking age for adult courses is 18 years old. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
The minimum number of participants in a course is 4. If no group is formed for the expected Spanish level, the student will be offered private classes. The number of sessions for those private classes will depend on the amount already paid by the student and considering their current prices.

3. Arriving, departure and postponement

Students should arrive on the Sunday before the course begins. Departure is normally on the Saturday after the course ends.
On the first day, at 9:00 am, the student will take a level test and then ADOS Spanish School will confirm the level and timetable. It is desirable that the written part is done in advance on the web site of the school: “Courses & prices” > “Test online”. Please note that classes can be in the morning or in the afternoon depending on the level and places available in each group.
The student may postpone the starting date if necessary, by notifying the school a minimum of 14 days before the beginning of the course. All fees will be transferred to a later starting date.

4. Payment

For courses of 12 weeks duration or more: The full price of the course along with the enrolment (€ 60) must be paid two weeks (14 days) before the first day of class.

For courses of less than 12 weeks duration: The full price of the course or its first monthly payment along with enrolment (€ 60) must be paid two weeks (14 days) before the first day of class.

For courses with a special offer (€ 3,500 annual course, special discounts, etc.) the total amount of the course will be paid 14 days before the start of the course, with no option for monthly payments or any other type of payment split.

If the student or group is already in Valencia, payment in full can be made on the first day of class. But in case of last-minute booking, we cannot always guarantee your choice of course and/or accommodation.

5. Enrollment procedures

  • On our web site
  • By e-mail
  • By phone
  • By WhatsApp
  • At our reception desk
  • Through a official representative of ADOS Spanish School

6. Payment procedures

At the recpetion desk (cash)

By Credit Card
By bank transfer:
Academia de Estudios Ados 2005, S.L.
Caixa, C / Guardia Civil, 21, 46020 Valencia
IBAN: ES32 2100 7085 1113 0017 9308

7. Cancellation
​a) For students without a D-Type visa or renewal

  • All cancellations must be notified in writing to ADOS Spanish School.
  • For cancellations made up to a month before the course is due to start, ADOS Spanish School will refund all fees paid apart from the registration fee (60€).
  • In case a cancellation is made two weeks (14 days) or less before the course is due to start, ADOS Spanish School will not return the cost of the course and/or accommodation. However, the student will always be able to use the purchased training hours in the future, within one calendar year.
  • In the case of upfront payment courses (€ 3,500 per year or special discounts), if a student decides to leave any of these courses, they must notify the school in writing, explaining the reasons. From that moment on, the student will have the possibility of recovering the hours paid and not consumed, during an academic year counted from the moment of the written communication. In these cases there is no possibility of any refund.
  • The school reserves the right to cancel courses when insufficient bookings are made and to change students to other courses. If such a change happens, a full refund of fees, excluding the enrolment and visa papers fees, will be made if requested instead.

b) For students with a D-type visa or renewal, which necessarily requires an official invitation from the school:

(None of the above conditions will aply). The only condition for cancelling the course will be the visa refusal and following the procedure below:

b.1: The student send the refusal to the school.

b.2: The student appeals and with the sudent´s permission, the School sends a recommendation letter to the Embassy in order to help the student get it.

b.3: If after this the Embassy again refuses to issue the visa, the School will return 90% of the course cost after the official confirmation of the refusal, if the student has already paid the course, but the registration deposit + visa expenses will not be refunded.
If the student refuses to come to School after receiving a student visa, no refund will be made, and the School will also report the situation to the Embassy of Spain.

If the reasons for any of the denials were “when to substantiate the request, false documents or inaccurate allegations have been presented, or there is bad faith” (art. 39.9 b) 2 del  R.D.), or other types of circumstances not inherent to our centre, there will be no refund.

c) COVID-19: In the event that face-to-face classes are affected in any way by COVID-19 (travel, quarantine or other similar), they will be replaced by online classes, there will be no refund. This measure will also be applied in other situations where face-to-face classes are cancelled due to major causes inherent to our centre.


8. Conditions for private lessons

The private lessons must be paid at least 7 calendar days before the start of these classes.

Cancellations: If they are communicated more than 24 hours before the start of the class, the student does not miss that class. In the case of being communicated less than 24 hours in advance, that class is lost and deducted from the contracted lessons.

All cancellations must be communicated by WhatsApp or by email in the contacts listed on the website.

Download all the terms and conditions of our private lessons at this link


9. Personal discipline

ADOS Spanish School students have to attend all timetabled classes regularly and to call or notify us in case of absence or late arrival.
They will behave with respect and consideration to the other students, the staff and take care of the equipment they use.

Any actions on the part of any student that go beyond the exclusively academic barrier and in which the teachers may feel that they are invading their personal sphere will be considered as disruptive behaviour on the part of the student.

In the case of serious misconduct, the student may be requested to leave immediately, in which case no refund will be made. ADOS Spanish School will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes a serious misconduct. All students adjudged guilty of serious misconduct will be required to pay for any damage caused.

10. Certificates

At the end of their course/stay, the student can receive either a certificate of achievement (if they meet 75% attendance and pass the level exam) or a certificate of attendance (if they meet 75% attendance)

11. Long absences (more than 15 days)

As detailed in point 10, 75% attendance is required to be eligible for any of the certificates.

In the case detailed in section 7b “If the student misses 15 consecutive days of classes, the school will not make any refund and the student will be cancelled”, even if the absence has been justified, with sufficient advance notice and duly communicated (email or WhatsApp), the school does not guarantee that the student can be located in the same group and/or level in which he/she was when he/she was absent.

It is the student’s obligation to give the school at least 5 days’ notice of the exact date of their return. In order to disrupt and damage as much as possible the progress of students who do attend classes regularly, if the student who is absent does not give notice of his or her reinstatement, he or she will assume the risk that there will be no vacancies in any of the groups that are open at that time and will not be able to re-join classes until the school notifies him or her of his or her possible reinstatement.

12. Holidays and bank holidays:

Both the Christmas holidays and national and local holidays are published on our website from the beginning of each year. During those days, the center will be closed

06/01/2023, 07/04/2023, 10/04/2023, 17/04/2023, 24/04/2023, 01/05/2023, 15/08/2023, 09/10/2023, 12/10/2023, 13/10/2023, 01/11/2023, 06/12/2023, 07/12/2023, 08/12/2023

The school will be closed for Christmas holidays between 22/12/2023 and 01/01/2024 included.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration!
ADOS Spanish School

January 2023