Our students

The profile of students is very diverse, spanning from students who take Spanish lessons to enter university or to pass their official exams such as DELE or SIELE, to students who are currently living in Spain who study for long periods of time to improve their level, including students who come to discover Valencia for a few weeks and take the opportunity to learn Spanish as well. In addition, the composition of the groups is very highly varied, since we have students between the ages of 16 and 65 years who come to our school from all around the world: Russia, Morocco, Brazil, Ukraine, Japan, France, United States , Iran, Armenia, Mozambique… For all these reasons, ADOS Spanish School is the ideal language centre for every Spanish learners’ profile.

Feedback from our students

And much more!

We are continuously expanding the activities program, based on requests from our students . The above are just a few of the things we offer!